Chic Leather Women’s Black Suede Leather Jacket with Classic Point Collar


Elevate Your Elegance with Chic Leather’s Premium Women’s Black Suede Leather Jacket
Indulge in the timeless allure of our women’s suede leather jacket, meticulously crafted and
proudly presented by the renowned brand ‘Chic Leather’. This jacket seamlessly marries classic
design with superior craftsmanship, making it a captivating addition to your wardrobe.
Exquisite Details:
– **Signature Brand Logo:** Adorned in brass on the front, the ‘Chic Leather’ brand logo signifies
your discerning taste and appreciation for quality.
– **Outer Shell:** Fashioned from sumptuous suede leather, this jacket epitomizes luxury and
sophistication, ensuring it becomes a cherished staple in your collection.
– **Material:** Crafted from 100% genuine suede leather, the jacket exudes authenticity and
meticulous craftsmanship.
– **Color:** The deep black hue exudes elegance and pairs effortlessly with a range of outfits,
making it a versatile choice for every occasion.
– **Closure:** Equipped with a secure zipper closure, the jacket not only offers practicality but
also adds a modern edge to your ensemble.
– **Front Pockets:** Featuring two pockets, this jacket combines style with functionality,
providing ample storage for your essentials without compromising its sleek design.
– **Collar:** The classic point collar adds a touch of refinement and timelessness, elevating your
look in any setting.
Care and Comfort:
– **Care:** To maintain its enduring beauty, we recommend professional suede cleaning,
ensuring your jacket retains its exquisite quality.
– **Lining:** The viscose lining ensures optimal comfort, cocooning you in a luxuriously soft
embrace with every wear.
Elevate Your Ensemble:
Experience the epitome of elegance with Chic Leather’s Premium Women’s Black Suede
Leather Jacket. Unveil a world of style, comfort, and durability that defines the ‘Chic Leather’
Elevate your wardrobe today by adding this extraordinary jacket to your collection. Elevate your
style with an enduring piece that exudes distinction and charm

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